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Company Profile

Company Profile

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ZHT SmartCard Co.,Ltd. specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of high-quality inlay(prelam) sheets with different layout for smart card industry. The products are in great demand both in domestic and foreign market and they are well recognized from the customers globally. 

Equipment: Ultrasonic wire embedding/ Full auto-antenna implanting/ Auto-welding/Full auto-chip assembly

Capacity: 9 full automatic production lines/ 15,000,000 pcs per month

Layout: 2x5/ 3x6 / 3x8 / 4x4 / 4x8 / 4x10 / 5x5 etc.

Inspection: Functional test/Frequency test/ Tensile strength test

Qualification: ISO9001 InternationalQuality Certification.


ZHT has a team for INLAY processing that focus on the research on smart card technology with sophisticated production experience of smart card products. The inlay is not only good in quality, but it also has a strong competitive advantage in production cost.

There is a sound marketing network and after-sales service system in good faith, cooperation and win-win attitude. To dedicate you full service with the latest technology and high quality products.

ZHT is looking forward to being in great and significant cooperations  with you to create a brighter future of smart card business.