In June 2018, Zhonghongtong obtained the CQM certificate




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After a series of strict audits, Zhonghongtong obtained the CQM certificate in June 2018, which is another breakthrough of Zhonghongtong. We hereby explain to our customers and potential customers that our products are of high quality and quantity. Dual interface CQM code: 6JJ01000DA Contactless CQM code: 6JJ01000PA

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Dongguan Zhonghongtong Smart Card Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. We have a large number of well-known customers and partners at home and abroad. At present, our company has become a large-scale professional intelligent IC card material supplier in China. The company's products mainly include dual interface INLAY, contactless smart card INLAY, customized INLAY (2*5, 3*7, 3*8, 4*8, 4*10, 5*5, 6*7, 6*8 etc. layout), the monthly output can reach 25 million PCS. The company's products have been widely involved in many smart card application fields such as public transportation, subway, communication, identification, social security, finance, campus, and consumption. The company has a group of professionals who have been focusing on smart card technology research for many years and a team with rich experience in smart card product manufacturing. After years of development, the company has a new generation of automatic ultrasonic winding machine, automatic placement machine, automatic butt welding machine, new digital laminator and other advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and has a strong large-scale production of smart card materials. ability. The company has a complete sales network and after-sales service system, and will always provide you with a full range of services with advanced technology and high-quality products in an attitude of integrity, cooperation and win-win. Accumulating bit by bit, moving towards perfect quality, Zhonghongtong is willing to join hands with you to create a bright future for smart cards.

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